Our careful diligence and professionalism will make it easier to you a very difficult moment.
We offer to you our experience and competence in the organization of funeral rites.
We will take charge of all the cemetery services and of the dispatch of the practices.

Our firm of Funeral Honors “Viola Pietro” has been active in this field since 1967. We ensure you seriousness, competence and professionalism, during the organization of funeral rites as far as concerning the accomplishment of all the bureaucratic practices in Italy and in foreign countries as well.
Thanks to our large experience we are able to offer a complete and accurate service in every municipality, hospitals, clinics, rest homes and morgues.
Our firm can also provide funeral monuments, gravecovers, ceramic photos, inscriptions and loculi.
We deal with all the cemetery services, transport of the corpse in Italy and from and to foreign countries as well, cremations, exhumations and translations.

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Via Cuniberti,16 – 12080 VICOFORTE (CN) Italia | P.I. 02030840041