We take care of everything concerning cemetery services, dispatch of bureaucratic practices, authorizations, documents and certificates.

  • We supply recovery and transport of the Corpses in Italy and from and to foreign countries.
  • We will accomplish all the necessary bureaucratic practices.
  • We take care of dressing and facialcosmetic of the corpse, setting of mortuary rooms and suppling of funeral chests, floral decorations.
  • We arrage everything about funeral organization: resquest and compilation of necessary certificates and authorizations to the burial preparation, including posting of funeral notices as well.
  • We take care of the total organization necessary for the cremation service with relative dispatch of the bureaucratic practices. We supply ashurnas and we provide you consultation and practices for the maintenance of the ashes.

  • We also take carge of:
  • Burials Service
    Obituary notice on local and national press
  • Incisions on stone
  • Exhumations
  • Funeral items and monuments
  • Gravecovers
  • Ceramicphotos
  • Inscriptions and loculi
  • Purchasing of cemetery loculi
  • We provide consultations and Information for the fiscal deductions of funeral costs.
  • We deal of all the cemetery services, guaranteeing the transport of the corpse in Italy and from and to foreign countries, cremations, exhumations and translations.

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Via Cuniberti,16 – 12080 VICOFORTE (CN) Italia | P.I. 02030840041