Comprehensive support in funeral arrangements
We provide qualified and competent staff.
Moving and transportation operations are carried out carefully and professionally.

Since 1967, we have been providing our clients with comprehensive support in the preparation of the funeral rite, offering 24-hour assistance and availability.

The ‘decades of experience in arranging funerals ensures expertise and attention in dealing with various paperwork, setting up the funeral home, hospitals, cemeteries, nursing home clinics and morgues.
With professionalism, discretion, and restraint, we take care of the setting up of the funeral home, transportation of the body, organization of the ceremony, funeral announcements, paperwork and death certificates, return of the body to and from abroad, funeral accessories and arrangements.
Equipped with an elegant and reliable fleet of vehicles, periodically overhauled and inspected, we entrust every operation of moving and transporting the body to qualified and trained personnel to ensure absolute quality services.

Onoranze funebri Viola