A choice of liberty, we will be by you side to help you to face such a difficult and painful moment as the loss of a dear person. We will furnish you support and assistance for the management of all the paper formalities.

  • Cremation it is a very diffused practice from the antiquity in many countries of the world. In the last years it has also registred a notable growth also in Italy, after the Pope has authorized the Christians removing the canonical right that prevented the execution.
  • Dispositions and bureaucratic practices: The cremation must be authorized by the Mayor of the commune following presentation of the express wish of the dead medium testamentary disposition. In absence of will it is enough a written request done by the consort or the next relative of the dead one. The relatives must fill out some forms from furnished by us and incuding the copy of their own identity card.
    We will deal of the whole procedure, employing personal on purpose prepared (dispatch all the inherent bureaucratic practices to the rite, fix the appointment and relative transport to the dedicated structure – crematory oven-)

  • At the end of the over described procedure, it will be our care to take on consignment the ashes that will be secret in an ashurn, preventively chosen by the family. We will deliver the urn in pre-arranged place, to bury it in a loculo in concession to the family. It may be submitted in custody by a relative or the ashes may be dispersed in nature, in places preceded in the common launchings or in the special spaces inside the cemeteries, according to the will of the family and respecting the current laws.

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